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Case 1:


A fast growing law firm whose clients are mostly Fortune 500 global firms


  • Firm facing increasing competition but lacks long term growth strategy and implementation capability
  • No formal Partnership Agreement and Compensation Plan results in low morale
  • Poor decision making process and ambiguous  roles & responsibilities among partners hinders the long-term development of the firm


  • We helped the client identify their long-term development focus; develop a five year strategic plan and financial targets.
  • Working with the leadership team, our expert designed a Partnership Agreement in align with the firm’s missions and strategy, together with a Partner Compensation Model for year end profit distribution.


  • Led the ratification and implementation of the Partnership Agreement and Compensation Model  
  • For the first time in the firm history, partners at the firm have clearly identified roles and responsibilities, as well as dividend sharing plan that motivates partners as well as employees. 

Case 2:


A boutique IP law firm with over 170 employees 


  • Lack of financial planning process to manage operations and measure performance
  • Perceived unfair performance measurement affecting employee morale


  • Designed and implemented an efficient budget and annual financial planning system for the client, which enabled the firm to manage by targets and reward by results. 
  • After six weeks of deep dive, our expert helped the client re-design its invoicing process; collected business intelligence and implemented an more objective performance measurement system. 


  • Established financial management methodology and structure for the firm, with clearly defined goals and targets for each operation group.
  • Implemented a new performance matrix which improved employee morale and firm’s financial results
  • Revenue increased by 17%, and 29% respective in two consecutive years

Case 3:


A large private enterprise with operations in China, U.S. and Australia looking for international expansion on international markets


  • Limited knowledge on local markets, no expertise on market entry and deal making


  • Our expert helped the client identified a potential target for acquisition, and led the process of acquiring a $34 million resort.
  • Implemented a new financial management system after acquisition, and help turned around the operations from money losing to multi million dollar profit entity


  • Successfully led the project from negotiation to deal closing and executed a smooth transition
  • Helped turn-around the money losing enterprise to an annual profit of $7M operations, and realizing 36 %  return on investment 

Our Company

G.T.L. International, Inc. was founded  in 2002 in Chicago.  Our main objective is to assist companies to manage their business more effectively, and to expand on their domestic and international markets.  With our expertise and industry insights, we helped our clients build  competitive advantages through long term strategic planning, efficient financial management, and measurable productivity improvement.  We are a change agent. We help our clients to design, develop and implement strategic changes to achieve sustainable long term growth. 

Our Philosophy

We are not your typical consultants.  We are professionals with many years of practical experience with global companies, and we are entrepreneurs with innovative solutions and hands on executions.  

We are proud of our ability to step in our clients shoes, using our industry expertise to come up with effective solutions. 

We work with our clients from start to finish.   We follow through with our solutions on-site and off-site.  We work and train our clients until they become a part of the solutions, and master the changes until they achieve the expected results.

Our Expertise

  • International expansion, overseas investment, and logistics management
  • Strategic planning, financial management, and productivity improvement
  • Mergers and acquisitions advisory, due diligence process and contract negotiations
  • New product planning, business plan and analysis, financial planning and budgeting 

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